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The Watcher – Episode 0

The FIRST ever episode of The Watcher hosted by the awesome Grace Randolph!

The Watcher – Teaser Episode

Here’s the teaser episode of The Watcher, where we see Grace Randolph’s first appearence. Look out for the next episode next week!

The Watcher Update

This is an update to all our readers who watch “The Watcher” on our site. We will no longer be posting up the new episodes of “The Watcher” as Grace Randolph is no longer the host :(. Instead we will be posting up the episodes of “The Watcher” that Grace hosted starting with the teaser episode. The publishing date will be each tuesday, so be sure to look out for the teaser episode tomorrow.

Peace out Marvelites.


PS. X2 should be home by now, if she isn’t I’ll hunt her down ;).


X1 Interviews Grace Randolph – Host + Writer of “The Watcher”

Grace Randolph is known as the host of Marvel’s, “The Watcher” a show that gives you information on the latest comic books, and all the back stage gossip from editors themselves! Grace is also the host, writer and creator of the YouTube sensation, “Beyond the Trailer”, where Grace goes beyond the trailer to tell you if a movie is really worth watching!

This week, X1, had the honour of interviewing Grace online, to ask her about things like how she first got into comic books and about the industry itself. Below is the interview – enjoy :).

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The Watcher

The latest epdisode of “The Watcher”, hosted by Grace Randolph.

The Watcher

The latest episode of The Watcher hosted by Grace Randolph (whose favourite superhero team is the X-Men!!! AHHH!). Enjoy :).


The Watcher

Delayed episode of The Watcher hosted by Grace Randolph.

The Watcher – Official Theme Song Music Video

I found this online and it was pretty awesomesauce! Enjoy 😀



The Watcher

The latest episode of The Watcher hosted by Grace Randolph. This week it’s all about reading Captain America. Enjoy 🙂


The Watcher

This weeks episode of The Watcher.