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Marvel Art of the Day

Some good ol’ X-Men by Jim Lee!

Marvel Art of the Day – 100th Special!

We’ve finally reached our 100th Marvel Art of the Day! So we just have to pump you with some X-Men love! (By Greg Land).

Guess Who ????

Yes that is right Marvelites I’m back as fresh as ever I arrived earlier today, not yesterday (x1)
And this weather in London is very dissapointing especially compared to my hot holiday point.
I have missed all you Marvelites a lot.  Heres a picture to symbol my return:

Marvel Art of the Day

Some good old 90’s X-Men by Jim Lee! Enjoy 😀



Marvel Art of the Day

The Avengers by Gabriele Dell’Otto.

P.S. They don’t look like the Avengers to me though!

marvel art of the day

X-Men by Gabriele Dell’Otto.




marvel art of the day

X-Men by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau.

Marvel T-Shirts

This week while X2’s been on holiday in France for activites week, X1’s been in sunny London (and yes it has been sunny) making T-Shirts for activites week! These t-shirts have been so fun to make! Below are my Thor and X-Men inspired t-shirts! Enjoy 🙂 and tell me what you think of them below!

For my Thor t-shirt I used graffiti, stencils and fabric pens. For my X-Men t-shirt I used transfer paper to put the photos of the X-Men (and Rogue) on my shirt. I also used tie-dye, fabric paints, fabric glitter and fabric pens.

I hope you enjoy my shirts and tell me what you think 😀


Hello world!

Hey there! This is the first time blogging for the marvelites x-men. This blog is basically going to be deidcated to our favourtie Marvel comic book characters! As you can see by the title we really like the X-Men we’re known as X1 and X2 if – you don’t hear much from X2 it’s because she’s not a big fan of blogging! So the first thing that we’re going to upload is this picture of the orginal X-Men team :-

The oh-so-perfect X-Men of the 60’s – though I could do with a little less Marvel Girl and more Angel 😉