The Watcher Update

This is an update to all our readers who watch “The Watcher” on our site. We will no longer be posting up the new episodes of “The Watcher” as Grace Randolph is no longer the host :(. Instead we will be posting up the episodes of “The Watcher” that Grace hosted starting with the teaser episode. The publishing date will be each tuesday, so be sure to look out for the teaser episode tomorrow.

Peace out Marvelites.


PS. X2 should be home by now, if she isn’t I’ll hunt her down ;).



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  1. Hey grace this Greer again and I have a question for you, I already now that they’re planning on bringing gambit and night crawler to the apocalypse film, but what do you think if they were able to bring in dazzler, moonstar, karma, fixx, jubilee, maybe proteus, cannonball, and elixir and destiny? So again feel free to make any comments about these suggestions and questions? Thanks again.

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