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Marvel Art of the Day

I would just like to say that abuse on this website will not tolerated. If anyone abuses on this website their comment will be deleted and they will be reported. Trolling is a horrible habit, if you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say it all. On that happy note, here is the Scarlet Witch by Alex Garner.

Moving on here’s our bat sh*t crazy Scarlet Witch by Alex Garner.

Marvel Art of the Day

Scarlet Witch sketch by Mark Brooks!

Marvel art of the day

Scarlet Witch by Marko Djurdjević.

Marvel art of the day

The Avengers

P.s : ‘The Avengers’ movie trailer is rumored to be up. And also said to look fantastic – X2.

Marvel Collage

Marvel Girls

A collage which I made with some of the Marvel girls. Including some of my favorites (but Jean isn’t a favorite)


Marvel Art Of The Day

Scarlet Witch by David Yardin:

Very good drawing, she looks very pretty here.


Nerd War! #1

It’s a Nerd War! Nerd War is our competition of who should be named best Marvel character of 2011! Each week one of us will nominate a character and give you a summary of their origins, love interests, and personality. The person who nominated the character will be on the For side for the character to go through, where as the other person will be against! This is a debate – and only the best will survive! It doesn’t matter if the character is good or evil, human, mutate, alien, mutant or the Juggernaut. They just have to be a Marvel Character. But with loads of characters, it might be a long wait before we get to round two ;).

First random nomination by X1 – Scarlet Witch.

Origin: Wanda Maximoff and her twin brother Pietro, born at the Wundagore Base of the high evolutionary, were actually the children of Magneto and his wife Magda. While on the mountain Chthon gave Wanda the power of Chaos Magic. They were eventually placed in the care of a Gypsy couple name Django and Marya Maximoff, from whom they were separated as teens when their encampment was attacked. They were later recruited into Magneto’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and, as the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, they fought the X-Men. At the time, none of the three were aware of the siblings’ paternity.

Love interest: The robot Vision – who she eventually married. And she’s currently engaged to Doctor Doom!

Personality: Well, we all know that Wanda is one big psychopath! But asides from that she’s just bat sh*t crazy!#

Powers and Abilities: Reality warping. This power was formerly   limited to creating “hex spheres” of reality-disrupting quasi-psionic force   to cause molecular disturbances in a target’s probability field (say that 3   times fast), resulting in spontaneous combustion, etc. Later this reality   warping became much grander.

She can create armies from no where and change people’s very existence *shudders*.

 X1’s Opinion: For  X2’s Opinon: Against
The Scarlet Witch definitely deserves to go through to the next round! I mean she was in one bat sh*t crazy woman! Do I really have to remind you of House of M/M-Day? Yeah, she may not have full control of her powers, but the fact that she can say “No more [insert name here].” And have you never been born is frightening! She’s the only person I’m scared of in the Marvel Universe, Apocalypse doesn’t even make me quake in my boots! Aside from the fact that she can wipe you from the face of the Earth, Wanda is one big psycho. She fell in love with the robot Vision *barfs* (she loses points here, from me.) and she made their children out of some demons spirit, and when those kids died she just went super psycho! It’s probably the fact that she was married to a robot at the time, that severely affected her – but thankfully Wanda and Vision are no longer together, and she’s engaged to Doctor DOOOOOOM!! But, it’s not all about Wanda being one crazy-ass b*tch – she’s also Magneto’s daughter! Yes! And she’s the twin sister of Pietro, and both of them had the freakin’ Bova as their nanny! They had the nanny of all nannies as their nanny? Wow. Honestly, the Scarlet Witch deserves to get through the next round! You only have to look at the photo above to understand what I’m talking about! Now, time for X2’s opinion :). The Scarlet Witch is some scary chick, I know that by just looking as some of her photos. Her ability to warp reality with Chaos Magic, is her main power and also her most freakiest. It is a very cool power, but she doesn’t seem to have the ability to control her power. How could someone think that a person like the Scarlet Witch, could actually be able to be the best Marvel character of 2011?! To think that she would actually wipe out her own kind, of the face of the Earth is so SILLY! Wouldn’t make her the only mutants left on Earth? You never know when he psycho side will take over. She could flip and make the humans into her slaves, probably by being influenced by her father’s old ways (she was easily manipulated by Qucksilver to create House of M). Just because she had the nanny of all nannies, that doesn’t make her the best Marvel character! And how can you being scared of her make her a better character…? Sorry Wanda, but you don’t get my vote to get through to the next round (just by a little bit).

X1: For – 8; Against – 2.

X2: For – 5; Against – 7.

And that means the Scarlet Witch goes through to the next round! And now X1 laughs while X2 tries to hide from Wanda’s Chaos Magic.