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Film Review: Iron Man

The other day Iron Man was on the T.V. so being the comic book buff that I am I watched for the second time. Let me tell you, Iron Man was even better the second time! Is it just me but every time I watch a film I always see parts that I never saw the first time – does anyone else get that feeling? Well, there were a lot of things that I saw in this film that I didn’t see or couldn’t remember in the first one, for example: I completely forgotten about the huge arc reactor and my mind had totally erased the fact that Tony Stark was a womaniser and had a little fling with a journalist from Vanity Fair, or the fact that Obidiah had some fancy gadget that can cause you temporary paralysis.

But that’s not the point, the point is that Iron Man seemed even more spectacular, amazing, action packed and more funnier than before. The point is when you see Iron Man again you remember why Robert Downey JR. is such a good actor and that he IS Tony Stark and that he IS Iron Man.

When I first heard that Robert Downey JR would be taking on the role of the legendary Marvel character and Avenger, Iron Man, I was a bit apprehensive. It’s not that I doubted Downey’s acting talent, I just couldn’t see him playing the role of a contemporary super hero. I’d only ever seen Robert Downey JR in r0m-coms and costume dramas, so I didn’t think of him as the action film (especially superhero) type. So believe me I wasn’t jumping for joy when I heard that RDJ would playing the genius yet womanising alcoholic, weapons manufacturer.

Being the comic book buff that I am I went to see it anyway with a little hope in my heart that maybe this film won’t suck, and maybe RDJ will be an okay Tony Stark/Iron Man. Man was I amazed after I saw that film, all my reservations just went out the window. Robert Downey JR was perfect for the part of Tony Stark/Iron Man – scratch that – Robert Downey JR IS Iron Man!

If you haven’t already watched this mastepiece of a movie – go and watch it! And be sure to stick around after the credits for an extra scene.


Film Review: Thor

*Contains mild spoilers*

After a long time of people telling to watch Thor, I’ve come around to watching it (Don’t ask me how, I just did.) and I have to say it’s pretty awesome. It’s not as good as the time Iron Man films (which are at the top of my list of my favourite Marvel films) but it’s pretty awesome. I do have to admit I did have some doubts about this film, after the failure of X-Men: First Class, but this film has completely taken away all of my doubts – though I do still have some disappointments about this film. The movie is kind of cheesy at points, but ads to the whole aura of Thor. After I watched this movie I was like, “Wow. This is such a good movie!”

The overall plot of the movie is pretty much in canon with the comics – God know’s what would’ve happened if Matthew Vaughn hadn’t left the project?! The special effects were brilliant, and had me on the edge of my seat! The costumes were a little off, I mean no rams horn helmet for Thor? The plot was the thing that did it for me, I mean it’s all well-and-good to have fancy special effects, but if you don’t have a good plot it takes away all the beauty from the film. Luckily, this film had both fancy special effects and a good plot. This movie had a set main villain and a main hero, that’s also what made it good and the director knew what the main storyline was going to be, so people who knew nothing about the comics would understand the what’s going on. There were definitely some disappointments in the movie, for example: Natalie Portman’s character Jane Foster knowing who Thor was when he explained himself left no suspense between their relationship in the film, at points the costumes in the movie were just so distracting…and off, Chris Hemsworth’s accent was verging on the line of English/Norse, like he couldn’t make his mind up. Time to analyse the characters;

Anthony Hopkins as Odin: There’s a reason why this character is first on my list, Anthony Hopkins as Odin totally made this movie for me! I know he wasn’t really a primary character, and was in Odin sleep for the majority of the film but the moment he put a spell on Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, sent chills down my spine. He put so much emotion in his character, for me he was the main hero.

Tom Hiddleston as Loki: Hiddleston is the perfect Loki, for me. He portrayed the character as someone who is trying to prove himself to his Father, and whose also struggling with the fact that he’s actually a Frost Giant – someone who is considered as a monster. I liked that the character wasn’t just portrayed as a hard-core villain, don’t get me wrong he’s evil, but I found myself sympathising with him and his situation. Plus he portrayed one of my favourite villains perfectly :).

Chris Hemsworth as Thor: Hemsworth did a good job as Thor. He brought across the arrogance and sometimes even stupidity of Thor, and he made humorous. The only thing that was slightly off-key was Thor’s speech, he didn’t speak in enough old English for me and what the heck was going on with his accent? The accent was verging on Norse to English and sometimes even Australian, yeah I get that Hemsworth’s Australian, but they should’ve at least gotten him an accent coach.

Jaimie Alexander as Sif: Alexander did a great job as Sif, she portrayed her anger and violent rage extremely well, and she managed to show Sif’s undying devotion and affection to Thor. My favourite scene with Sif, is when she almost attack Loki and Volstagg and Fandral have to hold her back. I hope in the next movies, she comes across as a love interest of Thor.

Natalie Portman as Jane Foster: This character was a big disappointment for me, she wasn’t the Jane Foster that I came to know and dislike. I get that they wanted Jane to come across as smart and headstrong, to appeal to young girls, but she just wasn’t Jane. Jane isn’t meant to know Thor’s identity from the beginning and is torn between Dr Donald Blake (Thors pseudonym) and Thor, until she finally found out who Thor really was. Natalie Portman is a great actress, but her character was a failure in my opinion.

Idris Elba as Heimdall: Elba did a great job playing the all-seeing-all-hearing Asgardian, Heimdall. All that crap about Elba being black so he can’t play a Norse god, is just well a load of crap.

The other characters in the film the Warriors Three, SHIELD agents, Darcy and Erik, did excellent supporting roles. Clark Gregg reprised his role as Phil Coulson played the agent just right.

Overall director Kenneth Branagh did an excellent job with the making of this movie and I highly recommend you to watch it. As always leave your comments below.


Film Review: X-Men: First Class

(Photo of the real X-Men First Class vs Matthew Vaughn’s Faux Class, made by X1 and used by

*contains spoilers*

Nobody can actually be sure on what was going Mathew Vaughn’s head when he mixed up X-Men characters to make ‘X-Men: First class’, but I know it would’ve  been a much better movie if he used the original team.

Heres the review of the cast.

James Mcavoy: Professor X- When I found out I laughed so much, his attempt to be like Prof X was hilarious! He kept on squeezing his index finger and his middle finger together: touching the side of his head(trying to show he’s using his telepathy). Half of the time I thought he was on his cellphone. And what was with the storyline of him growing up with Mystique! The freaking Juggernaut should-be  in that film!

Michael Fassbender: Magneto- I had never heard of him before but he seemed to have this aura about him that made him look the part. His acting was off at times but it was quite cool when he stopped all the missiles with his magnetism. Magneto’s costume at the end of this movie was just… vile!

Kevin Bacon: Sebastian Shaw- He seemed like bad ass but his portrayal was crap! Shaw is supposed to be … I don’t know more manly… I do have to say it was funny when Magneto killed him with the coin.

Rose Byrne: Moira MacTaggert- THEY DIDN’T EVEN MAKE HER HAVE A SCOTTISH ACCENT! to be honest I think Vaughn just shoved her into the movie to make it more interesting for those who love the comics! They made her part of the CIA! What happened to her being a mutant researcher? And she didn’t even say “Chaaaaaaaallllleeesss!” in that movie – not even once!

Jennifer Lawrence: Raven Darkholme/ Mystique- Probably the worst portrayal! Mystique did not grow up with Professor X, he wasn’t even conceived when Mystique was a toddler. I really don’t understand why they make Mystique’s skin all bumpy and ugly – and they make her hair looked like its been weed on. The corniest scene had to be when she randomly named herself Mystique… WTH… what a stupid thing to do…

January Jones: Emma Frost- Ha Ha Ha, she shouldn’t have the right to portray Emma Frost! She acts like a complete idiot with barely any power, January Jones is too big to be Emma, I only think boys liked her because she had boobs. And what the hell was she wearing in that movie? Technically Emma shouldn’t even be in that film!

I do not like the way they make Angel go on Shaw’s side … it’s really annoying. And they make her seem like a Slut! She’s some Fly-Girl with acid vomit!

How could they make it as if Hank made Cerebro? Banshee and Havok were just hilarious. How can they kill Darwin when he’s indestructible his mutant power is to survive, he keeps on evolving! Hence the name Darwin!

After thinking about it you will realize how bad this film was it would seem amazing to those who don’t know the truth, but to those who do … you know what to think. X1 certainly has a strong opinion on it so watch out for her review when it comes up!

Piece out my Marvelites 😀