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movie update: the avengers trailer!

It’s here! The moment that we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived! By jingo does the trailer look so freakin’ awesomesauce! Take a look and leave your thoughts below!


Movie Update: Avengers Assemble!

Found these teaser posters of the Avengers website. Everything looks pretty good. I have to say that as much Samuel L Jackson is an amazing actor, he’s just not Nick Fury – I would’ve rather prefered Bruce Willis as Fury, but saying that Jackson isn’t going to make the movie a disaster. My only dissapointments are Hawkeye and Hulk, I would’ve thought that instead of having them in The Avengers they’d have Wasp and Giant Man. As always leave your thoughts below.


movie update: Captain America

Since Captain America doesn’t come out in England till the 29th of July, I’ve got a bit of time to waste pondering on the successes of this movie. I’m so damn excited!! Here’s a Cap poster for ya’ll to enjoy!


Captain America Trailer 2

This movie looks very cool, it’s going to whoop X-men First Class’s butt!