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Marvel Art of the Day

Daredevil by Lee Bermejo.

Marvel Art of the Day

Daredevil by Marko Marko Djurdjević.

I think it’s been confirmed…

…That the Punisher is going to die. Unless you think otherwise, please state your reasons below. Now, I’m just going to crawl into a ball and cry…

P.S. Doesn’t this art look a lot like the Final Destination 5 poster.


Marvel Art of the Day

One of the coolest pictures of Darvedevil I have EVER seen. I mean I couldn’t care less for DD but this is so cool! No idea who the chick is that he’s fighting, if you do let me know. By Marko Djurdjević.

*Update* Darvedevil’s fighting Lady Bullseye!

Marvel Art of the Day

Elekrta and Daredevil by Sana Takeda.