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Marvel Art of the Day

Captain America and the Red Skull by Lee Bermejo.

Marvel Art of the Day

The Avengers by Alex Ross.

Marvel Art of the Day

Spider-Man and Captain America by J. Scott Campbel! PHWOAR!


I cannot contain my excitement for this movie…I think I just wet myself.

Marvel Art of the Day

Hulk Variant Cover by Charles Paul Wilson III – isn’t it so cute? I actually love this so much, I might make this the website’s background! Whaddaya guys think of it?

New Avengers Character Banners

New Avengers Character Posters! Me likey :D.

Marvel Art of the Day

The Avengers (with Wonder Man going crazy) by Brian Michael Bendis.

movie update: the avengers trailer!

It’s here! The moment that we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived! By jingo does the trailer look so freakin’ awesomesauce! Take a look and leave your thoughts below!


Nerd War! #8

It’s a Nerd War! To reiterate Nerd War is our competition of who should be named best Marvel character of 2011/12! Each week one of us will nominate a character and give you a summary of their origins, love interests, and personality. The person who nominated the character will be on the For side for the character to go through, where as the other person will be against! This is a debate – and only the best will survive! It doesn’t matter if the character is good or evil, human, mutate, alien, mutant or the Juggernaut. They just have to be a Marvel Character. But with loads of characters, it might be a long wait before we get to round two ;) .

This week X2 nominates Captain America:

Origin: Steve Rogers was born into a poor Irish family, both his parents died before he made it to 20 years of age. Rogers tried to get into the Army after being scared of things he had seen and heard, but they thought him to weak and they rejected him. But he was offered to be part of an experiment, which literally changed his life. This experiment gave him the body of a god, and the strength of some super strong dude. He was trained and a few months after his training he was given an assignment. He met Bucky Barnes and they became partners. When Rogers died( 😦 ) Bucky took his place of Captain America. Lucky guy…

Love Interest: Roger was with Sharon Carter fell deeply in love after crossing paths many times. He realized he loved Sharon’s sister ‘Peggy’ during the war (awkward)

Personality: Well he was brave in many ways, he let some dude experiment on him! Is that not a scary thing to do. He seems quite mature and friendly. There is not really much to say about his personality.

Powers and Abilities: Rogers has no super-human powers, but the Super-Soldier Serum and “Vita-Ray” treatment changed him from being a weak frail boy to a perfect human being. His strength,  agility, speed, reflexes, durability, healing and endurance are at the highest point of human potential. Rogers is also very good at fighting due to all his training. His accuracy is almost perfect, so you better run fast if he is aiming to shoot you. His famous shield is there to protect him with it’s bulletproof ability.

X2’s Opinion: For   X1’s Opinion: Against
There is literally nothing much you can say about Rogers, just that he is the perfect definition of a hero. Other than the fact that he is good looking there’s nothing completely shocking about him. He is a friendly person but he seems to have quite a boring personality. I am beginning to miss the excitement of Moonstone’s life. Only the best Marvel characters get films about them or films with them. And Captain America managed to do that, I know he only recently did so but it still does count. Luckily Rogers’ love life isn’t as messed up as some other Marvel charters, not mentioning names or anything (Magneto and Charles) but that is also a down side as it just makes him seem kinda … boring. He can aim a gun which is a good thing and would of defiantly came in handy. It is quite sad that he died but It wasn’t really the end of the world. I think I was more sad about Magneto’s daughter’s then his, what am I saying his death was definitely sadder. He is a legend and that is mostly what matters, so good on him. GO CAPTAIN AMERICA!
Also good on him for actually having the spirit to do all of this. Steve if you can here me… WE FIRETRUCKING LOVE YOU MAN, I JUST WISH YOU WAS MORE INTERESTING! Most people know who Captain America is, but they may not know his name but he still does deserve to go to the next round because he was a Legend and that does matter (as I said before)
   Is it just me or does it seem like X2 thinks Steve Rogers is still dead? Steve Rogers is alive and kicking and currently holds the mantle of Captain America (after Bucky’s tragic yet useless death). Steve’s an all rounder, he has a great personality (he’s not boring at all!) and is only loyal to one thing – the dream. Saying that though, Cap is loyal to the AMERICAN dream and none other. Don’t get me wrong, there’s the nothing wrong with the guy being a star-spangled patriot, it’s just us Brits feel kind of left out that our Cap is not as big as your Cap. Steve’s love life is kind of awkward in my opinion, although they’ve changed it so Peggy’s now Sharon’s aunt, it still seems strange. You got hand it to him though, Steve really knows how to kill two birds with one stone! X2 has completely forgotten about the fact that after Steve “died” in his first origin, he was really in suspended animation – doesn’t this sound about familiar? I think Rogers gets points for being so damn awesome, in the Fear Itself storylien, but loses some due to his unorginal storyline! I mean I am so tired of the whole – “Parents died before I even reached my 20s” angle. But, then again, you can never really say no to the damn good American Patriot. About X2’s remark on Moonstone – I TOLD YOU SHE SHOULD’VE GOTTEN THROUGH! Maybe Steve needs a little bit more crazy in his life to spice him up a notch! Then again he is loyal to nothing but the American Dream (don’t believe me, check out his costume!).

X1: For- 7; Against 3

X2: For-8; Against-4

Captain America get’s through to the next round! Now come and over and protect us from Moonstone!

The Avengers Posters

I’ve delayed putting these posters up for a while, because I don’t like them that much. But, I thought maybe you guys might! Here are the posters below!