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The Watcher – Official Theme Song Music Video

I found this online and it was pretty awesomesauce! Enjoy 😀



Update to all our viewers.

Hey guys! We are a marvel website, but the Marvelites X-men are both equal oppurtonitsts, that means we do like some DC characters, for example X1 likes Wonder Woman, Batman and Joker and X2 likes Superman and his friends. So, don’t be surprised if we write a review on a DC film, or post a random photo of a DC character. Please don’t hate us!

Love the Marvelites X-Men.

Marvel Collage

Marvel Girls

A collage which I made with some of the Marvel girls. Including some of my favorites (but Jean isn’t a favorite)


Marvel T-Shirts

This week while X2’s been on holiday in France for activites week, X1’s been in sunny London (and yes it has been sunny) making T-Shirts for activites week! These t-shirts have been so fun to make! Below are my Thor and X-Men inspired t-shirts! Enjoy 🙂 and tell me what you think of them below!

For my Thor t-shirt I used graffiti, stencils and fabric pens. For my X-Men t-shirt I used transfer paper to put the photos of the X-Men (and Rogue) on my shirt. I also used tie-dye, fabric paints, fabric glitter and fabric pens.

I hope you enjoy my shirts and tell me what you think 😀


Happy Birthday America! (And Canada for 1st of July!)

Here at the marvelites x-men, we totally forgot about Canada’s and America’s brithdays! So we say sorry to all of our friends over in Canada and the big US of A! So here’s a double whammy for ya’ll! Captain America by Gabriele Dell’Otto and the Fear Itself cover for Alpha Flight!

So, happy brithday Canada and America! Love you guys!!

Love X1 and X2 🙂

Emma Vs Psylocke

Emma: “So Pathetic”


[Scotts] Emma’s not so [Happy Ending]

This one is also amazing, though the ending is just tragic…

Wolverine and the X-Men: The Phoenix

This is an amazing video, and the song is just beautiful…


Hello world!

Hey there! This is the first time blogging for the marvelites x-men. This blog is basically going to be deidcated to our favourtie Marvel comic book characters! As you can see by the title we really like the X-Men we’re known as X1 and X2 if – you don’t hear much from X2 it’s because she’s not a big fan of blogging! So the first thing that we’re going to upload is this picture of the orginal X-Men team :-

The oh-so-perfect X-Men of the 60’s – though I could do with a little less Marvel Girl and more Angel 😉