The New Spider-Man Trailer!!!

My mind has been bloody blown, Marvelites! As a Spider-Man fan I have to say this looks so amazing! I’m so glad that Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) is in it instead of the pathetic MJ (sorry Hotelnerd, I know you like her). I think it’s amazing that they’ve put in the Lizard, a villain who really isn’t that much of a bad guy! And Andrew Garfield (Rhys Ifans), who isn’t that bad-looking is playing Peter! AAAAAHHH! Instead of the butt-faced ugly, fish that is Tobey Maguire. AAHHHH Squeeee~! Leave your thoughts below.



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  1. Hey man, Toby Macguire wasn’t THAT ugly. 😉

    They changed the Spider-Man story a lot in the originals tho.

    • Yes, yes they did Spendwag! I really didn’t like those movies! It lost all the humor and snazziness of the Spider-Man comics! Plus, I really wanted some Gwen Stacey action!! You’re right, I underrated him, Tobey Maguire is the most repulsive person to ever star in a movie :P!

      • yeah Gwen Stacy wasn’t a bad idea, shooting right to Mary Jane was stupid, they should go with the whole girlfriend line, but Toby Macguire IS chubby in the face. xD

      • Gwen Stacy is a brilliant idea! Especially when she’s played by Emma Stone, thank goodness Emma isn’t playing MJ. I just can’t stand her! Andrew Garfield looks really good as Peter, but he’s not the best lookin’ Pete.

      • Yeah. Who’s the best? I was at Costco the other day and saw this teen and i’m like “OMG YOU’D MAKE THE PERFECT PETER PARKER!” He totally looked like him it was crazy!

        I personally like Mary Jane…I just don’t like how she calls everyone Tiger and says they hit the jackpot…cocky much? xD

      • OMG! Was that guy, like you know, cute? Because personally, I think Peter is pretty cute. Anyway, I thought Logan Lerman would make a good Peter, even though he’s only 20 years but then again Emma Stone is only 23 years old.

        Yeah, that is pretty cocky of her…Because, Frankly I don’t MJ is the jackpot.

      • True, he would make a good one. Today I just realized there was this guy at my church who looks like him…weird.

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