*Update* Avengers VS X-Men

More teasers and Gambit looks kind of…deformed.


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  1. Hey grace my name is Greer and I really do like listening and hearing you perspectives and view points, I find them really insightful and helpful. I’ve been an x-men fan ever since 1992 when the x-men series came out and I was just mesmerized and riveted by the entire show. My question is this and these are my suggestions, this is for the xmen apocalypse film; what if they brought in autumn rolfson aka famine for one of the horsemen but also gave her a back story of being from Somalia and being exposed to and actually enduring vaginal mutilation, another suggestion for the horsemen would be omega red aka war who loves battle and carnage and is arch enemy of wolverine but his back story would be trying to regain control of all of the countries that left the Soviet Union to return Russia back to the way it was, another suggestion for a horseman would be what if they brought in dream queen aka pestilence where that could be a door way into alpha flight, and my last suggestion for a horseman would sanjar javeed aka death. So please feel free to tell me what you think about all of this? Plus this adds more diversity and variety and so more depth that could resonate with the audience and readers. Right here you have 4 horsemen from different countries which are Russia, Canada, Somalia, and Persia. Another suggestion of mine which is question, what do you think if they were able to bring in guild of thieves and assassins into the gambit film along with the powerful being aka external and gambit’s love or used to be love interest belladonna? So what do you think about that? Also my last suggestion which is a question, what do you think if they were able to show shadow king and professor x battling against each for the control or freedom of storm’s life but also show the astral plane some how since these are two powerful psychics or telepathy battling each other and could introduce deluge which is the albino weather manipulative mutant, an African mutant group aka bio genes whose members are lightbright, Mali, leeched, and a few others, but introduce black panther and the mutant known as afrikaa and her god son mjnari who was in the 1992 comic series? So again feel free to tell me what do you think and I am sorry for having this be so long, I didn’t plan on it, but these are just some of my questions and thoughts.

  2. And yes I do understand that I did know say any xmen for the horsemen in apocalypse film but I think it could really be a great tone and add more depth and layering to the story if they did do the horsemen like that even though it would be taking away from turning one of their own into the horsemen but it would broaden the film with its audience and readers, but also bring in a more realistic feeling and tone to the atmosphere of the film and xmen series plus these four characters are from different countries which are Canada, Russia, Persia, and Somalia. So again feel free to tell me what you think and I do apologize for it being so long. So what do you think?

  3. I meant to say did not mention any xmen for apocalypse horsemen

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