Who’s side are you on? Avengers VS X-Men!

I think we all knew, that one day, the Avengers and the X-Men will end up fighting over something. What are the fighting over? Well, radars have detected that the Phoenix is coming to Earth and guess what – it’s making its way to Hope. Surpirse? No, not really. While the X-Men are preparing Hope to become Phoenix (didn’t we just see that one coming?) the Avengers want to send that bird back to where it came from, and it looks like Wolvie’s on their side too!

Personally, I’m rooting for the Avengers when it comes to this one. Because I absolutely think that this bird has been overkilled, it needs to be buried for about a good, solid twenty years, until I join the Marvel editorial team and bring it back with a BANG! It’s pretty obvious that Hope is going to become Phoenix, if the X-Men win this (which they probably will because their mutants and Emma Frost is taking on The Hulk). At the moment, let’s face it, Hope is pretty bland – which makes her another Jean Grey (sorry Hotelnerd), and if she were to become Phoenix, then she’ll be even more Jean Grey. So, really, she’s not even her own person. I would rather see Hope become a villain, and then maybe I’ll like her, but I’ll guess that’ll only happen when I’m working for Marvel ;).

So, below are the teasers, and it looks like Rogue’s taking on Ms. Marvel again!

Iron Man you better get your plastic suit ready and Hulk find a helment that protects you from telepathic probes, because I think you guys are going to need all the help you can get.

As always Marvelites, leave your thoughts below.



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  1. Are they crazy? Who, in their right minds, will pit Iron Man against Magneto?! MAGNETO?! …I guess whoever made that hated the Man of Iron a hell lot.

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