Nerd War! #14

It’s a Nerd War! To reiterate Nerd War is our competition of who should be named best Marvel character of 2011/12! Each week one of us will nominate a character and give you a summary of their origins, love interests, and personality. The person who nominated the character will be on the For side for the character to go through, where as the other person will be against! This is a debate – and only the best will survive! It doesn’t matter if the character is good or evil, human, mutate, alien, mutant or the Juggernaut. They just have to be a Marvel Character. But with loads of characters, it might be a long wait before we get to round two ;) .

 This week X2 nominates Cyclops

Origin: Scott Summers was first born out of the mutant kids Christopher Summers had. With his father being in the U.S Air force, Scott and his family went on many trips with private planes. One time when coming back from holiday, the plane was attacked by a Shi’ar Empire ship, Luckily Scott was pushed out of the aircraft with his younger brother (Alex Summers) with one parachute they were able to survive , but there parents remained in the aircraft. Xavier heard about Scott and rescued him from a mutant called Jack Winters, he later enrolled  him into his school: Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. Scott was then made the first X-Man. More mutants came to Xavier’s school and joined the X-Men, Scott was the deputy leader of the X-Men. Being romantically involved with Jean Grey (teammate) didn’t help him any way as this relationship brought struggle to his life.

Love Interest: :/ The most bland relationship in the history of Marvel, was his relationship with Jean Grey (The wet blanket!) even though there relationship caused many jaw dropping moments, they just were so bluh. He also had an affair with Emma Frost 🙂  ( Emma and Scott were one of the best Marvel couples) But recently he decided to go kiss Mohawk lady: Storm. What’s going to happen next? :S

Personality: Referred to as ‘The wet blanket’ by X1 many times it is obvious what he is like. Summers is controlling, dull, courageous and many other boring qualities. When he is with Emma he can have quite a humor, but other than that he is just a serious, joy killer.

Powers and Abilities: Scott has the power to shoot out a powerful beam of ruby-coloured force from his eyes. Unable to control it due to a head injury, Scott must wear a visor to make sure everybody around him is safe from his optic blasts. Cyclops is a great pilot (just like his father). He is also able to take control and take things seriously, he has also built up lots of respect from other mutants. Summers is immune to his brother’s powers (Alex/Havoc) He is also a great fighter.

 X1’s Opinion:  X2’s Opinion:
Cyclops is probably the biggest Frat Boy in the whole Marvel Universe, this guy just thinks so much of himself. Scott and Jean were made for eachother, they are the characters that I hate most in Marvel, Emma can do so much better than Scott, she should really get together with Namor. Cyclops obviously thinks himself a great leader, but even the Prof has subtly dropped it to him that he really isn’t that rad. Okay, now for the violent rant. How could that arrogant jerk order a freakin’ child to kill four other kids? This SOB is such a murderer! If he wanted Kade Kilgore dead, he should have just done it himself! If I could just get five minutes alone with that pr*ck, I would shoot him (while filming it), ressurect him so he can watch me killing him a 100x so then he commits suicide. Then, bring him back to life again, so he can see Emma cheating on him with Namor and end up killing himself, just so he knows what it feels like to played! THEN I’ll bring him back to life again and set the Danger Room to go AWOL on him!! Muhahahahaha, what I would do to rid this pink-eyed SOB from the Marvel Universe! Another thing, does having a Ruby Quartz visor suddenly mean that Scott can’t see the World properly? Because he’s always complaing about he can never fit in in the World because of his powers, um, Scott haven’t you taken a good look at Beast, Nightcrawler or Angel even? Take off those Rose Tinted spectacles please. Scott is just one HUGE Player, if I had a dollar for every woman Scott has ever fantasized about/been in a relationship with/dumped I would be a millionaire by now. Scott has no reason to get through to the next round, or te even get a point from me (except that he’s physcially pretty), but I’m not even going to let him have that one. I hope you die of an anyerusm. Scott was the first X-Man, which is quite an achievement. He was trusted by many, including Professor X. Being involved in some of the best story lines is another good thing about Scott. But everyone has a downfall and I don’t know where to start with Scott’s, how about his love life. Jean Grey and Scott Summers was my second least favourite relationship of Marvel (Rogue and Magneto is my least favourite :S) their relationship did bring some great moments, the whole Madelyn Pryor scenario, the Emma Frost scenario etc etc. There are many reasons to dislike Scott, he has one of the most boring personalities in the whole of Marvel. He kissed Storm when he was with the amazing Emma! What a jerk! I was shocked to hear that he told a 12 year old to kill another child, what is wrong with him is he crazy? :@ Even though Wolverine would be quite an uncontrolled leader I still prefer him to Scott, at least Wolvie knows how to make you laugh (not snore). The only thing that would keep me from punching Scott Summers in his face would be Emma or Xavier. Scott reckons he is the best member of X-Men due to the fact that he was the first, but it is obvious that I totally disagree with this. James Marsden’s portrayal in the films was very inaccurate, he was made too interesting and even a bit funny which is nothing like Summers. There’s is no way Scott has a chance of winning the title of Best Marvel Character of 2011/2012, there is probably no chance of him even getting to the next round. *YAWNS* Wow  just talking about him makes me tired. 

X1: For -0; Against–10 .

X2: For-3; Against-7.

Cyclops does not get through to the next round! Muhahaha, crash and BURN pretty boy! Because we’re not scared of you! We’ve got Wolverine waiting for you! Muahahaha!!!


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