Film Review: Iron Man

The other day Iron Man was on the T.V. so being the comic book buff that I am I watched for the second time. Let me tell you, Iron Man was even better the second time! Is it just me but every time I watch a film I always see parts that I never saw the first time – does anyone else get that feeling? Well, there were a lot of things that I saw in this film that I didn’t see or couldn’t remember in the first one, for example: I completely forgotten about the huge arc reactor and my mind had totally erased the fact that Tony Stark was a womaniser and had a little fling with a journalist from Vanity Fair, or the fact that Obidiah had some fancy gadget that can cause you temporary paralysis.

But that’s not the point, the point is that Iron Man seemed even more spectacular, amazing, action packed and more funnier than before. The point is when you see Iron Man again you remember why Robert Downey JR. is such a good actor and that he IS Tony Stark and that he IS Iron Man.

When I first heard that Robert Downey JR would be taking on the role of the legendary Marvel character and Avenger, Iron Man, I was a bit apprehensive. It’s not that I doubted Downey’s acting talent, I just couldn’t see him playing the role of a contemporary super hero. I’d only ever seen Robert Downey JR in r0m-coms and costume dramas, so I didn’t think of him as the action film (especially superhero) type. So believe me I wasn’t jumping for joy when I heard that RDJ would playing the genius yet womanising alcoholic, weapons manufacturer.

Being the comic book buff that I am I went to see it anyway with a little hope in my heart that maybe this film won’t suck, and maybe RDJ will be an okay Tony Stark/Iron Man. Man was I amazed after I saw that film, all my reservations just went out the window. Robert Downey JR was perfect for the part of Tony Stark/Iron Man – scratch that – Robert Downey JR IS Iron Man!

If you haven’t already watched this mastepiece of a movie – go and watch it! And be sure to stick around after the credits for an extra scene.



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