THINK About the INK

We are all not watching, The Watcher

And we don’t need an excuse

‘Cause Grace is now on

Bleeding Cool!!!


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  1. Shyanne Makowharemahihi

    Thank you, love this site
    I digging the fables, Once upon a time is for 11 year olds, Im past that!
    Love your show!
    Cant wait for the new avengers movie, thanks for the heads up on the xmen restarting the age of apocalypse, Ive been addicted to the xmen since then and havent been as excited since.
    Ive actually been bored with them last year and thought id trade them in as I felt I wasting my money on pimply teenagers and politics!
    And all your posted Art is amazing!
    Thanks and keep up the good work!

    • Are you serious? Once Upon A Time is so good (it’s just started here in the UK), btw I’m not Grace Randolph we just post her show on here (when we can), but the rest is us! Thanks for complimenting our website! It means a lot!

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