Nerd War! #7

It’s a Nerd War! To reiterate Nerd War is our competition of who should be named best Marvel character of 2011/12! Each week one of us will nominate a character and give you a summary of their origins, love interests, and personality. The person who nominated the character will be on the For side for the character to go through, where as the other person will be against! This is a debate – and only the best will survive! It doesn’t matter if the character is good or evil, human, mutate, alien, mutant or the Juggernaut. They just have to be a Marvel Character. But with loads of characters, it might be a long wait before we get to round two ;) .

This week X1 nominates Moonstone:

Origin: Karla Sofen grew up in the mansion of a   Hollywood producer as the daughter of the producer’s butler. After her father   passed away, her mother had to work three jobs to put Karla through college.   Instead of being appreciative, Karla decided to ever end up like her mother   and always put her own needs first. After becoming a psychiatrist, Karla   entered the criminal world as an aide to Doctor Faustus. Learning of the   original Moonstone, Lloyd Bloch, she became his psychologist and manipulated   him into rejecting the power, which she then took for herself. Karla murdered   her own mother by suffocating her and setting her house on fire. She also   liked to convince her depressed patients to kill themselves while she watched…Twisted much?

Love Interest: Herself? Karla only seduces people for personal gain. She did have a thing for Daken, but that was while she was under his phernome control.

Personality: B*tches be crazy. And we love crazy b*tches. Although   Karla occasionally went to the side of good, she’s inherently evil. She only   cares about her own agenda and she manipulates her depressed patients into killing them so she can watch! When I’m bored I just read comic, watch some 90’s X-Men or do homework. This woman seriously needs a straight jacket.

Powers and Abilities: With the powers of the Moonstone, a Kree gravity stone, Karla can manipulate gravity, fly, fire photon blasts,  generate light and has super strength, speed and durability. She is also  intangible and can control molecules on a minor level. When she absorbed a   second gravity stone for a short while, she was able to manipulate matter, create force fields, generate mini black holes and transport objects through   dimensional rifts. If she is separated from her original Moonstone for more than 72 hours, she will die. She also uses her extensive knowledge in   psychology to manipulate others around her.

X1’s Opinion: For X2’s Opinion: Against
I’m surprised that this chick has a MD in psychology! What this woman needs is a psychiatrist and a straight jacket! Don’t get me wrong, I love crazies (see Scarlet Witch) so this woman is definitely in my good books of villains. Moonstone is a villain how I just love, she’s conceited, arrogant, selfish, murderous and will do ANYTHING for power. Moonstone dug up her mothers grave to retrieve her Moonstone when Ms Marvel put them there and offered her a choice, turn good or die – Karla took neither choice and stuck to the way she was HARSH! Sometimes Karla does make me want to have a bath in rubbing alcohol, this girl has used so many people for her own personal gain it’s disgusting! Don’t think this b*tch will ever turn good, she’s bad to the very last bone in her body – THIS WOMAN KILLED HER OWN MOTHER SO SHE WOULDN’T SEE WHAT SHE WAS TURNING INTO! I have three words to finish off this debate…Psy.Cho.Path.








Yes I love crazies, but this chick takes crazy too far.  What type of person would watch their patients kill themselves that is a huge no no, all of her qualities are bad, and not best Marvel character worthy. Her origin is also quite boring. Moonstone is not as popular as other Marvel characters. There is nothing that makes Karla best Marvel Character worthy. The only thing that seems cool is the fact she was crazy enough to kill her own mother, but that is also something that makes her seem crap. I do have to admit her powers are cool, and she is super strong so yh this does gain her some points for me, less craziness would also gain her some points 😀 Power greedy Psycho, Yup there is no way she is getting through to the next round.











X1: For – 7; Against -4

X2: For-2; Against-8

Moonstone doesn’s get through to the next round, we’ll have to double check our locks tonight!


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