A round of Applause!

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank X1 a whole lot for working so hard on our Website and making it such a success, this month she worked extra hard as I wasn’t able to help her. A round of applause to X1 for caring about all you Marvelites.
Here’s my gift to you for working so hard!

A drawing drawn by X2 for X1

I Know Gambit is one of your favourite Marvel characters so here is an image drawn by me for you! Well done X1, you did a fantastic job!



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  1. Hoorah! X1’s not alone anymore! Banzai! Hahaha. Welcome back, X2! *squee~*

    LOLed at the drawing. I’m real sorry. I tried real hard to stifle my laugh but I…I couldn’t. *giggle* Apologies. >///<
    Oh, yeah! I have my Gambit doodle, too! (In 'doodles and notes') Uhm, well, I think it looks like him. Sort of. If you look real hard. Hahaha. 😀

    Anyhow, glad the team's back together! 😀 *cue 'Reunited' here*

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