Marvel or DC?

Marvel or DC (Detective Comics)? That is the question. There has been a long-term argument between die-hard comic book fans who love DC and the die-hard comic book fans who love Marvel, about who is the better comic book company.

Some say that DC is the better company because it was founded before Marvel – and argument which I find pathetic, DC (founded in 1937) is only two years older than Marvel (founded in 1939). DC started out with the hero that is Superman, etc, while Marvel started out as Timely Comics with Namor the Submariner, the original Human Torch and his side-kick Toro, with Captain America being introduced in the midst of the Second World War. Marvel has gone through a lot of different names, but they has always called their comic books, Marvel Comics from the very beginning.

Frankly, in my opinion, Marvel will always be better than DC. It’s not that I hate DC, I like quite a few of their characters, for example: Batman, Wonder Woman, Joker and Harley Quinn, but that is only a few. The reason why I believe that Marvel is better than DC, is because I feel Marvel has put so much more depth in the characters and their stories.

Whereas DC is mainly about being a detective, only recently did DC adopt more depth into their characters, but not enough. Marvel has so much more to offer, than DC, they have my favourite mutants the X-Men. Stan Lee came up with the X-Men, to describe how much hatred humans held in their hearts for people who are different and that they don’t understand. The abuse mutants face is just another form of discrimination shown in a different light, I mean these people make Sentinels to kill the mutants and yet the mutants still save their sorry asses.

All in all I will probably, most definitely believe that Marvel is better than DC. But I like some DC characters.

As always true believers leave your thoughts below.



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  1. It depends, are we including their sub-companies as well? Because in that case, I think DC is the winner. Some of the best series I’ve ever read came from Vertigo, and Wildstorm had some pretty dcebt titles under their belt.

    • We’re not including their sub-companies. But, if we were DC would probably be the winner because of so many of the best series do come from Vertigo, though Kick-Ass is a pretty good Marvel sub-company series. We’re just looking at the main company.

  2. Why is it I always feel like you do?

  3. In recent years it would appear DC has been “darker and more violent” than Marvel. This is why I love DC.

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