Marvel Art of the Day

Wolverine and Phoenix, doing what they shouldn’t be doing, by Greg Land.


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  1. Love this pic! I always enjoyed Wolverine and Jean/Phoenix more than her and Cyclops. I’d let her take me to the dark side….

    • Haha, Jean/Phoenix and Wolverine aren’t my favourite characters! But, I prefer her with him then Cyclops, I like Cyclops with Emma Frost! 🙂

  2. Ooh, yey! Jean Grey and Wolverine FTW! I don’t like Cyclops. I think he’s…wimpy? (Sorry, I can’t think of a milder word. >_<) This picture's awesome! XD

    • Totally agree with your statement about Cyclops, he’s just a total wet bag >_<! Him and Jean Grey need to get personalities! I don't like Wolvie too much either, but I prefer him with Jean. I like Scott with Emma. BTW I'm X1 and I co-run this site 🙂
      P.S. This picture is awesome because it's by Greg Land 😉

      • Since the beginning, I’ve never really like Cyclops. Haha. Though I can’t argue with him being the leader of the X-Men ’cause I think he’s the one who’s able to think the most rationally amongst them. Imagine if Wolvie’s the leader. Catastrophe. Haha. Hmm. Scott and Emma. …Not a bad match at all! XD

        Nice to meet ya, X1. Keep up the good work! 😀 Oh, and permission to add you to my blogroll? 🙂

      • I definitley agree, Wolverine would be an awful leader, he’s so violent and out of control. If Sabertooth came a long he’d ditch the team just to try and beat him up! It’s stupid how Wolvie’s challenging Cyclops in the X-Men: SCHISM storyline, I’m on Cyclops’ side. Definitley. Scott + Emma are my second favourite mutant couple after Remy + Rogue 🙂

        Of course you can add us to your blogroll 😀

  3. Yey! Thanks a lot! ^_^ I’d get to see more Marvel love. :3

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