Nerd War! #5

It’s a Nerd War! To reiterate Nerd War is our competition of who should be named best Marvel character of 2011! Each week one of us will nominate a character and give you a summary of their origins, love interests, and personality. The person who nominated the character will be on the For side for the character to go through, where as the other person will be against! This is a debate – and only the best will survive! It doesn’t matter if the character is good or evil, human, mutate, alien, mutant or the Juggernaut. They just have to be a Marvel Character. But with loads of characters, it might be a long wait before we get to round two ;) .

This week’s random nomination by X1 is Spider-Man

Origin: We all know Spidey’s origin, but here it is again. Peter Parker’s parents died, when Pete was just a kid. Peter was raised by his aunt and uncle, May and Ben Parker. When Peter was still in High School, he was bitten by a radioactive spider. This soon gave Parker superhuman strength and abilities. One day, Ben Parker was murdered by a car thief, Peter felt that it was his fault, because he had perviously let the thief go – so he hunted him down and kill his sorry butt. From that day on Peter became our beloved neighborhood Spider-Man, and said these precious words, “With great power, there must also come great responsibility.”

Love interest: Peter’s still only 22, and a major geek, but that doesn’t stop him loving plenty of women! His current girlfriend is Carly, but he’s had relationships with The Black Cat, Mary Jane Watson, and others. But, we all know, that however much MJ may seem like Spidey’s one true love, he’s still pining for the deceased Gwen Stacey!

Personality: Spider-Man, is a cool, collected, and suave geek/nerd. Yeah, I think that sums him up :).

Powers and Abilities: Spider-Man possesses spider-like abilites and powers. His powers include: wall-crawling, superhuman strenghth, superhuman speed, superhuman stamina, superhuman durability, superhuman agility, superhuman equilibrium, superhuman reflexes, regenerative healing factor, foreign chemical resistance and let’s not forget that all importain spider sense. (Which is so overrated!) Not only does Peter have all those powers, but he has always had strong force of will, and he is one genius! He even invented the webshooters, which he wears in wrists, the webs are made out of some strong nylon – damn this guy is smart. To top that all off, he’s a master acrobat and combatant – just in case you do anything to pee him off.

X1’s Opinion: For


X2’s Opinion: Against


Almost everyone loves Spider-Man, after all he is our friendly neighbourhood spider! Peter Parker really deserves to go through to the next round, because he’s one of the most renowned comic book characters ever. The title “The Amazing Spider-Man”, just happens to be one of Marvel’s best selling comics! Not only is Parker super awesome and strong, he is very intellectually minded, and he’s extremely good looking – that always get’s extra points from me. He’s funny, and cracks jokes, he was the late Johnny Storm’s best friend! These guys didn’t start off well, but then they became BFF’s for life (well not really.) and Spidey took his place in the Future Foundation. The only thing that seems to tick me off, is Spider-Man’s love life. He’s always either pining after or in a relationship with MJ, as we see in the future, when Black Cat comes back from Paris – Spider-Man’s gotten married to Mary-Jane – ouch! Parker just can’t make up his mind – because he’s probably still in love with dead ex-girlfriend Gwen Stacey. Spidey’s love life, loses him some points with me, but not enough for him to fail! Spider-Man has to get through to the next round!







A. Spider-Man isn’t extremely good looking (and no I’m not basing my opinion on the movie) and B. Being good looking doesn’t make you have the ability to be the best Marvel character. Peter isn’t really that spider like, yh he can climb up walls but he can’t even make webs without creating some web shooting device (which is cool) but it’s not actually an ability. Also his abilities are also quite crap, and even though he has super strength he seems really puny: where are his muscles?! And so what if he was Johnny Storms friend that doesn’t really mean anything, like would me being some ones best friend make me amazing? And yes what is wrong with his love life can he not just settle on one person. Spider-Man is a key character in Marvel; he seems to be one of the main figures of it. When the word Marvel is heard many people think of Spidy straight away this obviously gives him some importance. I think Spider-Man just deserves to go through to the next round.












X1: For – 8; Against – 3

X2: For – 5; Against – 8

The Human Spider lives to fight another day! Woop!


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