Marvel T-Shirts

This week while X2’s been on holiday in France for activites week, X1’s been in sunny London (and yes it has been sunny) making T-Shirts for activites week! These t-shirts have been so fun to make! Below are my Thor and X-Men inspired t-shirts! Enjoy 🙂 and tell me what you think of them below!

For my Thor t-shirt I used graffiti, stencils and fabric pens. For my X-Men t-shirt I used transfer paper to put the photos of the X-Men (and Rogue) on my shirt. I also used tie-dye, fabric paints, fabric glitter and fabric pens.

I hope you enjoy my shirts and tell me what you think 😀



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  1. Very interesting. thank you for sharing! You see, I’m currently working on my blog on similar subject to “Marvel T-Shirts marvelitesxmen” and I might quote this post in it. I hope you don’t mind

    • Hey, sorry for the late relply, your comment instantly went into Spam. I wouldn’t mind if you used it, but I’d liked it to be linked back to our website. Because you know it’s my work…but otherwise your welcome to!


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