Happy Birthday America! (And Canada for 1st of July!)

Here at the marvelites x-men, we totally forgot about Canada’s and America’s brithdays! So we say sorry to all of our friends over in Canada and the big US of A! So here’s a double whammy for ya’ll! Captain America by Gabriele Dell’Otto and the Fear Itself cover for Alpha Flight!

So, happy brithday Canada and America! Love you guys!!

Love X1 and X2 🙂


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  1. I just had to say that this Captain America painting is beautiful! I LOVE it. I’m a painter and developing illustrator and this inspires me so much. I love all the attention to detail. The way you handled his scale armor … each scale is given it’s own thickness and distinct lighting, and the fact that you made the decision to make his stripes a flat shirt is brilliant. It makes those scales pop. The sun was placed to create an beautiful light source drawing the eye to dis tired yet determined face. I’m also loving your choice to opt for a difficult flag position. To top it all off you chose a really difficult perspective for us to see Cap, but one that makes us look up at him … And even through this massive attention to detail you kept a beautiful painterly style. I just love it. Great job!

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