Film Review: X-Men: First Class

(Photo of the real X-Men First Class vs Matthew Vaughn’s Faux Class, made by X1 and used by

*contains spoilers*

Nobody can actually be sure on what was going Mathew Vaughn’s head when he mixed up X-Men characters to make ‘X-Men: First class’, but I know it would’ve  been a much better movie if he used the original team.

Heres the review of the cast.

James Mcavoy: Professor X- When I found out I laughed so much, his attempt to be like Prof X was hilarious! He kept on squeezing his index finger and his middle finger together: touching the side of his head(trying to show he’s using his telepathy). Half of the time I thought he was on his cellphone. And what was with the storyline of him growing up with Mystique! The freaking Juggernaut should-be  in that film!

Michael Fassbender: Magneto- I had never heard of him before but he seemed to have this aura about him that made him look the part. His acting was off at times but it was quite cool when he stopped all the missiles with his magnetism. Magneto’s costume at the end of this movie was just… vile!

Kevin Bacon: Sebastian Shaw- He seemed like bad ass but his portrayal was crap! Shaw is supposed to be … I don’t know more manly… I do have to say it was funny when Magneto killed him with the coin.

Rose Byrne: Moira MacTaggert- THEY DIDN’T EVEN MAKE HER HAVE A SCOTTISH ACCENT! to be honest I think Vaughn just shoved her into the movie to make it more interesting for those who love the comics! They made her part of the CIA! What happened to her being a mutant researcher? And she didn’t even say “Chaaaaaaaallllleeesss!” in that movie – not even once!

Jennifer Lawrence: Raven Darkholme/ Mystique- Probably the worst portrayal! Mystique did not grow up with Professor X, he wasn’t even conceived when Mystique was a toddler. I really don’t understand why they make Mystique’s skin all bumpy and ugly – and they make her hair looked like its been weed on. The corniest scene had to be when she randomly named herself Mystique… WTH… what a stupid thing to do…

January Jones: Emma Frost- Ha Ha Ha, she shouldn’t have the right to portray Emma Frost! She acts like a complete idiot with barely any power, January Jones is too big to be Emma, I only think boys liked her because she had boobs. And what the hell was she wearing in that movie? Technically Emma shouldn’t even be in that film!

I do not like the way they make Angel go on Shaw’s side … it’s really annoying. And they make her seem like a Slut! She’s some Fly-Girl with acid vomit!

How could they make it as if Hank made Cerebro? Banshee and Havok were just hilarious. How can they kill Darwin when he’s indestructible his mutant power is to survive, he keeps on evolving! Hence the name Darwin!

After thinking about it you will realize how bad this film was it would seem amazing to those who don’t know the truth, but to those who do … you know what to think. X1 certainly has a strong opinion on it so watch out for her review when it comes up!

Piece out my Marvelites 😀



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  1. I received First Class with totally different eyes I guess. I haven’t been a very active comic reader for almost 10 years, and maybe that helped. That and I approached the movie expecting very little to nothing being accurate to comic book cannon. The X-Men movies just haven’t been all that accurate to begin with. That said, I hated “Angel” I refuse to call her that name because we already had Angel and he was in Last Stand damn it. I just call her Bug Girl. Moria not being Scottish or a mutant researcher also bothered me, her role in the CIA could have been filled by a much more interesting character I’m sure there’s someone from the comics, or they could have made someone up from scratch like Bug Girl.

    I love January Jones in Mad Men, but after watching First Class I’m convinced that Mad Men has just fooled me into believing she can act. She portrayed Emma Frost pretty much the same as Betty Draper. She’s a gorgeous women, but she wasn’t right for this movie.

    I like Prof X and Magneto. Telepathy is such a difficult power to portray in an action sense that I just let the finger thing go as a physical trick Prof X was using to help him focus his power because he’s still developing and not the awesome Prof X we come to know in the future.

    And I thought Jennifer Lawrence did a great job with Mystique as a roll. Like I said, I just didn’t care about the cannon. I was prepared walking in for it to be entirely inaccurate. They kind of filled the roll that Juggernaut played in Prof X’s life with Mystique. I think most of the other issues with the character were writing, I thought the actress did a good job with what was written. And the scales always made sense to me, they didn’t want Mystique to have the power to shape shift her clothes, so even when she’s “wearing clothes” she’s really just naked and shape shifted to look like she has clothes, but they couldn’t have an R rating for a film like this so they had to have scales over the fun bits, throw in some extra scales just to make her look more alien and complete the look.

    With the exception of January Jones, I think most of the actors did fine jobs, I think most anything that snagged me could be chalked up to writing and direction.

    All that said, I really enjoy the movie. More than I enjoyed Thor, but neither film makes my Top 3 or 5 Marvel Movies. And neither one is at the bottom of the list, Those are Spider Man 3 and the first Punisher movie.

    • I have to disagree here. I love the X-Men so much – so this movie totally murdered my dreams. January Jones was just an awful Emma Frost, she has not acting talent at all – I mean she couldn’t even act to save her life.

      By the way “Bug-girl” is actually a Marvel character. Her name is Angel Salvadore aka Tempest. Her power is disgusting!

  2. Viditya Voleti

    Look I just have to disagree with you both there. I feel like when I went into this movie they had already bought my ass. The free popcorn and 12am screening I went to really convinced me that characterisation and plot don’t matter in today’s fast paced world. My son loves to watch these movies on his I pad, and ya know what? good for him! I say more power to the people that can keep our youths off the streets and out of the sheets!! My favorite part of the movie was when red nightcrawler dropped the fat guy from the sky! Totally unexpected but, totally in character for magneto. Anyway I just wanted to say…

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